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Dustin Putman

Dustin Putman, Film Critic
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A Haunted House 2
0.5 Stars

Nationwide - This is neither a wittily conceived farce nor a parody smart in its dumbness. Begrudgingly, it becomes plainly apparent after only a few minutes that the filmmakers are once more happy to reach for the lowest common denominator, slapping together an icky non-stop barrage of bodily functions, racial stereotyping and rancid epithets and call it a comedy.

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Only Lovers Left Alive
2.5 Stars

Select Cities - Somber but not humorless, the film plays to a languid but involving rhythm that is its own. If "Only Lovers Left Alive" is on the nose nearly to a fault, the decision to put a new, edgy spin on a vampiric subject that has become safe and homogenized in popular culture is enough to forgive the picture's moments of transparent excess.

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2 Stars

Nationwide - "Transcendence" is much too lofty a title for a film that is rarely, if ever, transcendent. The directorial debut of cinematographer Wally Pfister, this cautionary sci-fi thriller is something of a muddled mess. For a movie warning of the dangers of a booming digital era, "Transcendence" is missing a necessary human touch.

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Wolf Creek 2
3 Stars

VOD Now/Select Cities May 16th - A 106-minute game of cat and mouse where no one is safe, Greg McLean's second installment is fearless in the depths it plunders, very, very nearly matching the original in terms of its disturbing vitality and ultimate prolonged urgency. "Wolf Creek 2" is an unrelenting, unforgiving terror show.

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Expanding This Week
Hateship Loveship
3 Stars

VOD & Select Cities - "Hateship Loveship" is, first and foremost, a vehicle for Kristen Wiig's transformative range as an actor. The film is a low-key gem. Perhaps the scope could have been opened up more, but this closed-in feel affectingly lends itself to a heroine who has too long shut out the wide open world around her.

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Stage Fright
2 Stars

VOD Now, Select Cities May 9th - A musical/slasher-movie combo sounds like heaven, but debuting writer-director Jerome Sable never quite fulfills his clear ambitions with "Stage Fright." For an enthusiast of horror and Broadway like myself, it is disappointing to root for the film and keep getting let down by the scattershot results.

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Under the Skin
4 Stars

Select Cities - At the risk of classifying a work so thrillingly unclassifiable in its unrivaled vision, "Under the Skin" is an instantaneously quintessential 21st-century masterpiece in science-fiction and horror. To watch the astounding "Under the Skin" unfold is to lay witness to no less than the next enduring milestone in cinema's ever-evolving legacy.

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Featured Blu-ray Releases
Featured Blu-ray Releases

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